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The personal information relating to customers collected from different forms is destined for the exclusive use of CLEMENSON INDUSTRIE within the scope of implementing its services. The Company keeps the personal data of users on its own servers and undertakes to keep personal data gathered, strictly confidential.
In compliance with the provisions of the Law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to data protection and freedom of information, as per article 34 of the Law of 6th January 1978, users have a right of access to their personal data as well as a right of modification and suppression of the latter. In order to avail of this right, they must send a letter by post or an e-mail to CLEMENSON INDUSTRIE to the following address:

BP 66
F-43120 Monistrol-sur-Loire
Phone: 33 (0)4 71 66 53 26
Fax: 33 (0)4 71 66 55 44


The user undertakes to refrain from reproducing, resuming, modifying, altering or passing on, without the editor's prior express consent, any text, title, application, logo, trademark, information or illustration, for any use other than strictly private, which excludes any representation for professional purposes or mass circulation. Similarly, the user undertakes to refrain from copying all or part of the website onto another website or internal company network.
You are currently consulting the CLEMENSON INDUSTRIE website. The use of this website vouches for the acceptance of these conditions of use. For any queries on the use of the website, please contact: clemenson@clemenson-industrie.fr

Contents of website:
The website, texts, images, sounds, photos, artwork, downloadable files and more generally all the objects contained in the website are exclusively proprietary to CLEMENSON INDUSTRIE and/or the authors stated. This website and the elements making it up represent work protected by the French legislation and the international conventions pertaining to copyright and intellectual property.

The reproduction of the website or elements making it up taken individually is prohibited unless subject to express prior consent from the publication director. The name of the author and source must be added to any authorised reproduction or any short quote.

Forms sent:
Messages sent to this website via the forms are used for the sole purpose of the processing of the message and are not passed on to third parties without the sender's consent. These messages are kept for the duration of the processing of the question forwarded. As the CLEMENSON INDUSTRIE website does not propose any specific secure device (file transfer, data transfer), the sender of a confidential or sensitive question or document should give preference to the postal services.

Hypertext links:
The creation of any hypertext line directed to the website should be covered by prior express authorisation from the publication director. This prior authorisation also applies to the creation of the following:
- a hypertext link on the home page in a new window of the browser
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- a link to an object in the website (inlining) and more generally, any hypertext link creation technique.
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